J.Petrausko - TŪB "Telemetrija"
About Us

We are long-standing company working in engineering programming.

The real business partnership TŪB "Telemetrija" has been operating since 1994. The main areas of the company's activities are programming of SCADA systems and software sales, as well as configuration and maintenance of SCADA systems, programming of PLCs (programmable logic controllers) and their sales. Development of specialized engineering programs and WEB applications according to the customer's wishes. Consulting in the field of engineering programming and data transfer.

Our Services

How can we be useful to you?

SCADA programming, configuration, maintenance, sales.
PLC (programmable logic controllers) programming, sales.
Development of various programs and WEB applications.
Consulting, supervision and training.

Our latest projects

2023 m. UAB “Siauliai city lightnings”.
Automatic regulation of city lightings.
SCADA and PLC software development and integration.

2023 m. Vilnius wastewater treatment.
Renovation of biological treatment.
SCADA and PLC software development and integration.

2020 m. Joniskio city brown.
Automation of grain elevators.
SCADA and PLC software development and integration.

Contact us

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through the mail program of your choice info@telemetrija.lt